By matching talented remote professionals and companies quickly, seamlessly, and accurately. Not as freelancers but as part of the core teams. 

We are a 100% remote-hiring platform (think of us as the Uber for hiring) that sees the need for quality remote employees. We connect great companies globally with great cross-border and local-remote talent. Our customers are some of the most amazing growth-stage startups around, and they trust Flatworld to find their next hires

The secret sauce is YOU combined with our great vetting process which we believe are the missing links in today’s remote recruitment efforts. On top of technical skills, we examine soft skills, personality, and culture fit, as well as English proficiency. This unique process helps overcome the barriers of social and cultural biases.

With a new win-win business model and a fully automated vetting process, we successfully handle 1000s of candidates at any given time while continuously optimizing the match between tech talent to companies

Flatworld outperforms the competition by 4x in interview to hire rate.

But don’t just take our word for it 

Check out what our customers and applicants say about us: 

Flatworld is trusted by

The Largest Remote Recruitment Community in the World


"From the first moment, this collaboration has been fantastic. We are recruiting through five channels, and Flatworld is our most successful recruiting channel by far."

Merissa Silk



"For me, having one premier partner that I can grow with that I can develop a long sustainable relationship with and which I appreciate and trust the vetting process, leaves me more time to invest in onboarding."

Ian Schwartz

Sr. Operations Manager, Cherre

"I recommend Flatworld whether you’re a candidate looking for a new role, or an organization looking to fill a position in your team. They quickly and accurately recognized a candidate's potential and fit, so that a win:win is achieved."

Yaron Lavi



"It genuinely felt like Flatworld was committed to ensuring that they would find the best match for me considering my skills, experience, and personal goals. The team’s work ethic and professionalism got me a job that’s perfect for me."

Ahmed Elgreetly

Backend Developer


"Thank you for helping me find a job that I can be really excited about. I know that this is the one I’ve been looking for."

Tibor Zombory

Fullstack Developer


"Great news, I accepted the offer and am very excited to be part of what will bring this company to great success. I’d like to thank you for this amazing recruitment experience."

Karol Swieca

Frontend Team Lead


Q: How would I know if Flatworld is legit or if someone is trying to scam me?


The future of recruitement is here

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Flatworld HireClub business opportunity

Q: How will you ensure the hiring process and decisions are fully transparent to me?


Q: Do I have to become a Flatworld's employee to join ‘Hire.club’?


Q: Can I work with Hire.Club and my existing customers at the same time?


Q: Is there a minimum number of applicants I need to provide every month to stay a club member?


Q: What are the typical roles and salaries offered by the companies you work with?


Q: How will I get paid?



Do you have access to Great Talent looking for their next Remote Dream Job?

Our win-win model is a game-changer 

You’ll get to source talented people directly for Silicon Valley, NYC, and EU-based startups amongst other great regions, both cross-border and local-remote. And for every successful hire, you will receive a generous bounty! 

3 more reasons to join HireClub:

Remote Work Revolution 

Don't get left-behind. Local talent wants to work for great companies earning in USD.

Match Talent

Match local Grade-A Talent with companies faster and with greater accuracy than ever.

Grow Your Brand

Develop your personal brand by positioning yourself as a truly global recruiter.

Flatworld is built to disrupt the world of remote recruiting

The future of recruitement is here

Our results speak for themselves

Boost your brand & revenue while matching top professionals with companies worldwide